Monday, January 25, 2010

Just another Manic Monday...

I feel like Garfield right now - hating Mondays. Not because it's bad or
anything, it's started out rather well actually. But because, despite
the great start, I'm tired. The last few years I've been overwhelmed
with a host of feelings - betrayal, hurt, anxiety and fear. The fear is
what has been haunting me the most ... fear that my choices weren't the
best and that I'm being lied to.

The past six months I'm happy to say have seen a lift of that load of
feelings. There are still several little spots of those same feelings
lurking deep within, but they are mere shadows of themselves and hold no
real power over me when they rear their ugly heads. Time does heal all
wounds, and I just need to keep casting light in those dark places so
that the shadows diminish and soon fade to nothing.

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