Sunday, April 14, 2013

Staying on track

It's been slow going, but I've been steadily losing at least 1lb a week. The one thing I've learned is that slow and steady is a good thing with weight loss. If its lost this way, it tends to stay away and I intend to keep with that trend.

To that end, I did a search and found a weight loss simulator at Model My Diet which gives you a few options to change the color of your swimsuit, the type, and your starting and goal weight. Below is the image I'll be using to help me stay focused to my goal:

This image is based off my current weight and not my starting weight. I think that in the grand scheme of things, the difference wouldn't make any real noticeable change to the image.

There is another simulator I found that I want to eventually try, but it requires that I have an actual photo of myself. If anyone happens to visit Weight Mirror and tries it out before I do, could you let me know what you think?

As always, thanks for letting me share and good luck with your own weight loss and health goals!

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