Friday, February 15, 2013

Nasty Stomach Bug

Its been an interesting ride the last few weeks since I started trying to bring more activity into my weight loss routine. I really shouldn't call it that because the truth is that I'm not doing what I'm doing to just lose weight. I've made the diet (as in eating lifestyle, not the more common use of the word) changes, and now I'm working on making those changes help me to become more healthy.

Since the Super Bowl I have been recovering from a rather nasty stomach bug. When I weighted in on Sunday, I had lost a total of 8 lbs! That brought my total to 17 lbs lost. I'm now only 5 lbs away from my first major milestone - to once again be under 300 lbs.

Being active is my most major hurdle right now. I'll admit it was a slow start from working out with a personal trainer at the gym to being active. The PT went a little easy on me because of how long it had been since I did any real working out. She pushed me as much as she could and gave me some great workouts to help strengthen the areas I need work.

Active link has been a great tool. Right now, because my activity level was so low, my goal was simply to do at least enough activity to earn 1 point back. This is a relatively small amount of activity - it equates to approximately 100 calories, so its really just a sneeze at activity. However, for me, it was a start. I spend majority of my day sitting at a desk in front of a computer. My days lately at work have been so busy that I'm lucky if I step away from my desk often. Most mornings, I arrive before 7am and its nearly 11am before I've realized how much time has passed. By the time I get home, do homework with my son, get dinner taken care of, and then get my son in his bath and to bed, I have maybe an hour before I should also be in bed. No time for much activity there.

I am happy to share that without any real conscious effort, the day before yesterday I reached four points and yesterday I was at two points. A good portion of the early part of the day was spent driving, but when we arrived at our hotel, we went for a couple walks. I plan to get several in this weekend.

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