Monday, December 1, 2008

Kitties and lolipops

As most of you know, after many years as a smoker, and a couple tries already, my husband has once again tried to quit smoking. We actually went to a "Quit Smoking Seminar" and he's trying something other than the patch right now. He has moments where he REALLY wants a cig, but he's doing good. So, to try and help him out, just before Halloween I bought a large bag of lolipops. Their the "dum dum" kind because they're small and conceivably, he can talk with one in his mouth. He got tired of the lolipops quick, and generally chews gum when he has a craving attack. So the bag sat on the counter since halloween. He'd take a couple a week to work just in case, but about half the bag is still there. So I started noticing random lolipops around the apartment, and at one point, Monster was playing with one under my husband's computer. She'd even found a way to unwrap a couple (but they didn't look like she'd licked them or anything). It was now obvious what was going on, but he bag look undisturbed so we were sure exactly what was going on. So yesterday I placed the bag on top of the fridge while cleaning (the cleaning part actually as an explanation, which I will share in another post). While I was taking a break and upstairs, my husband was downstairs snacking on leftovers. He comes back up and says to me "The top of the fridge isn't a safe place for the lolipops." I looked at him like "What?" and asked if they had fallen off. He said no, that Monster had jumped up to the top of the fridge, very carefully pulled ONE lolipop out of the bag, dropped it to the ground and hopped down after it.

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