Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Governor resorts to threats...

So, I'm reading an article on the SacBee website and at the very end of the article is a quote:

"The fact of the matter is in the end I have the authority, if they don't go along with the furlough, to lay people off so we have a savings of ($1.3 billion)," he added.

Basically he's stated that if he loses the court battle which I believe is scheduled tomorrow, then he will lay off state employees. The 1.3 million dollars he is trying to save is what, 2.5% of the deficit (40 million dollars)? Way to go Arnie! Kick the working class down while you can. By laying off so many people, you're adding more to the long line of people filing for unemployment. Who is going to go out and purchase things now? The more people are laid off, the less being spent on good and services, which results in even more people being laid off.

The article can be found here:

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