Wednesday, October 15, 2008

In which being sick ... sux!

I took a day off work on Wednesday last week to take care of some things. By that evening, I had developed a sore throat. Who knew that it would be Tuesday before I returned to work? I don't have the sore throat today, however my sinuses hate me and my nose in particular has it in for me.

Granted, yesterday was Columbus Day and a state observed holiday. Therefore, my office was closed and I didn't have to use any sick leave to stay home. I can assure you, I was still miserable enough yesterday to want to stay home.

I did however, take the time to step on the Wii and at least weight myself for the week (as noted in my previous post).

I've also had a lot on my mind recently. As a lot of my close friends know, a few years ago some really bad things happened in my life, one of them nearly being the destruction of my marriage. One of the perps that did their best to help the destruction along seemed to have vanished from my life and it helped me to move on. Well, that person suddenly reappeared about two weeks ago... after nearly a year of not seeing them. Granted, they still work at the same place as my husband, but I began to enjoy not having the fear of running into her when visiting my husband at lunch, or picking him up on the days he wanted me to drive him in.

Seeing the person also help me realize that I was better and that time does heal most wounds. This one is still there a bit and not fully healed, but its better. I only had one nightmare after the sighting, and it wasn't any like the ones before. The biggest help has been my husband. He has been supportive and doing what he can to sooth my fears and hurts after all this. He understands that I still have trust issues and that has been a huge balm. He doesn't make me feel silly when I have a bad moment, and only once got frustrated when I apologized for "being silly." He looked at me and said I wasn't being silly.

Another of the issues that I was dealing with at the time was nearly losing my grandmother. Her health has slowly been deteriorating and earlier this year she was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. They told us she only has six months left to live, without treatment. My grams is still with us at the moment, but her lungs are starting to give. She's refusing chemo, and I honestly don't blame her. However, she is now virtually always on her breathing machine and they had to increase the oxygen because one of her lungs is no longer getting enough. My uncle drove her down from Oregon a couple weeks ago and she's living with my sister. My sister couldn't be happier because now my grams will get to see her grandchildren and not be so far away. My mother is living with my sister too and is taking care of my grams.

Wow, that was a lot to share ... that's what I get for not posting in so long. I'm going to also try and work on some craft projects tonight.

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