Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wii Fit Challenge: Goal 1 - Week 3

I'm so ashamed of myself. The first two weeks of my Wii Fit Challenge, I
wasn't on track at all. I didn't actually use the Wii but a couple times
to weigh in. I didn't drink my daily intake of water, didn't drink my
shakes, and didn't take my supplements... nothing. The first week, I
lost .9 lbs, 2nd week I maintained. I shouldn't be surprised that I
gained weight this week, really shouldn't.

I'm back up another 2.7lbs; bring my total loss down to 3.7lbs. *sighs*

I have however been on track since Monday. I've also used the Wii Fit 2
out of 3 days. The Hula Hoop game in the aerobics section is a LOT of
fun. I've also been doing some of the yoga moves. I have some time yet
before I'm in shape enough to do the One-legged Prayer Pose (Sanskrit
name: Eka Pada Pranamasana).

I found the Sanskrit name for it here:

I have the Warrior one down pretty good. On the website I listed above,
it's titled "Warrior 2". I'll probably just stick with that and the
basic stretching poses for now. I'll need to do the strengthening
exercises more before I'll be better able to do the one-legged poses and

The Wii Fit is also a lot of fun in that the more you use it, the more
it unlocks other training "games" for you to use. It's like the game I
have for my DS called "Brain Age". I've unlocked all the games on that
though. I mostly play it now for Sudoku.

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