Tuesday, October 21, 2008

No on Prop 8... wow, I'm getting all political!

So, I'm reading the newspaper online, and reading an article about Prop
8, which is set to ban same-sex marriages.

I personally am against Prop 8 and will be voting no. I'm also saddened
by some of the lies I've been seeing about the Prop, trying to get
voters to pass it. This is not Massachusetts people ... this is

Here is the news article that I read:

And this was my favorite commented posted:
kwinflight wrote on 10/21/2008 10:28:29 AM:
My "lifestyle": Get up at 5am, catch the bus and go to work (I take the
bus because it's cheaper and more responsible). Spend 9-10 hours a day
at work. Come home. Eat dinner with my children and talk about their
day. Pay bills. Read bedtime stories. Worry about the economy. Go to
sleep, and do it all again the next day. Wait, you mean that sounds like
your life too? Hmm, that's odd. Mine's the gay version. We're not that
different. Too bad homophobes will NEVER admit that.

So, I was trying to find more information on Prop 8 ... I wanted to read
it for myself and see what has these people yelling that their children
will be forced to learn that gay marriage is okay, or whatever.

Here is the link to Prop 8
(http://www.voterguide.sos.ca.gov/title-sum/prop8-title-sum.htm) ...
there is a link on that page that will take you the text of the proposed
law (the document it links to has the text of all the proposed laws). No
where did I read that it was going to force schools to teach children
about gay marriage.

As I was doing a little more searching, wondering if maybe there was
more info on this Prop somewhere (hoping to find unbiased info), I found
a little blog post by Google. For some reason, I found myself wanting to
share. You can read it here:

My stance on this? This is about equality. The Church and the State are
separate. The State is allowing same-sex couples to marry. They are not
saying that Churches have to do it. To deny two people who love each
other the chance to fully share their lives because they are the same
sex is just plain wrong.

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