Monday, November 10, 2008

True Blood and the Sookie Stakehouse novels...

So a friend of mine got really excited about a show on HBO called True
Blood. To be honest, she kinda shoved it at me. When she gets excited
about something, she goes all out and most often, this is a little bit
of a turnoff for me. I hesitated to watch the show till I could form my
own opinion about it. I actually ended up reading all the novels except
the most recent "From Dead to Worse". Part of me regrets reading the
books first because in my opinion, the books are far better than the

In fact, I'm not really sure how I feel about the show. I've watched up
to Episode Six (and as I told my husband it took that long for my dear
Ms. Anna Panquin to become an official soft-core porn star). They've
changed several things from the books to the show. Like for example, all
the books up till "All Together Dead" were prior to Katrina. "All
Together Dead" was post Katrina and that was a major backdrop to
everything that was going on. They didn't do this for the show.

They also introduced some things into the show that don't show up for a
few books, or introduced those things but twisted them. They also
changed a few characters around. Majority of the changes don't sit well
with me, which is why I wished I'd waited to read the books. But then,
the more I think about it, the more I realize the issues I have with the
show I'd still have no matter if I read the book before or after seeing
the show.

Overall it's not a bad show. If you like vampires and supernatural
stories, then you'll like this. If you're a Buffy the Vampire Slayer and
Angel fan, you'll likely enjoy this show ... just be aware that the
content is more Anita Blake than Buffy. The sex scenes are very
soft-core porn ... but then that shouldn't be surprising, it's on HBO.

Speaking of Anita Blake; that was one thing I told my husband I liked
more about the Sookie books than the Anita ones. Sookie pretty much
remains human through everything. She doesn't get exponentially more
powerful with each book (hubby thought I was going to say with each sex
scene :P). I guess the short of it is that Sookie is more believable ...
you can relate to her better.

Oh, and to save this link to read later at home. It's some kind of HBO
Wiki for the show...

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